Karamba Casino – a reliable casino with free spins, bonus codes and a welcome bonus

Casino goal

The gaming industry is developing every day. This means that the choice of places where you can play slots, board games, and much more becomes more and more that a few years ago you could only do in the place allotted for this. But when the number of casinos increases so quickly, already It’s quite difficult to determine the place where playing will be most enjoyable.

Karamba Casino is one of those places that almost everyone will like. This casino was licensed by Malta Gaming Authority in 2009. This means that for over 10 years, Karamba Casino has been developing every day in order to bring pleasure to the game to many thousands of its users.

In addition, a license to obtain from Malta Gaming Authority means compliance with the highest standards in the world regarding the gaming business. This, in turn, means fair play, the highest level of data protection for its users, the operational work of support representatives of this resource, and much more. Everything that should be for a pleasant game and enjoyment from each spin and even more you can find on this site.

Karamba Casino itself was founded in 2005 in order to become one of the most status and safe places for its users.

Nevertheless, it is worth learning more about everything related to this casino and figuring out who this place is suitable for and who not.

Safe place to play?

Still, how does Karamba Casino protect the privacy of its users?

In order for all the information transmitted by the casino to remain strictly confidential, Karamba Casino uses the protection of a new generation of private data. To protect against hackers collecting personal information, the latest 128-bit encryption technology is used. In addition to this technology, the most powerful firewall is used, which will protect all data from hackers and other intruders.

In addition, all information remains confidential and in no case will fall into the hands of other organizations or third parties. So, using your credit card to replenish your gaming balance, you can not worry, because only a safe place could not only work for so many years, but also gain popularity to this day.

The parent company of Karamba Casino ASG Technologies Ltd operates under the laws of the British Virgin Islands.

If you were worried about the security and confidentiality of your data and were not allowed to register on this site, then you can safely drop all your prejudices and start registering in order to plunge into the world of amazing and exciting adventures together with Casino Karamba.

Account Registration Process

The process of registering an account does not take much time, as on the sites of other online casinos everything is quite simple and clear.

In order to start registering your game account on this site, you need to go to the tab labeled “Join”, after that you will go to the corresponding page on which registration will take place.

Just two steps separates you from creating your first account. First of all, you will need to enter the following information:

  • Email address.
  • Username. It will be used in order not to write a full email address to enter your personal account in the future.
  • A complicated password, because this is the only way you can be hacked. If the password is too simple, then it will be easy to crack.

After that, you will go to the next page where you will need basic information about you.

As elsewhere, the information that is required to register an account consists of data such as a full name, address, gender.

In addition, you can use the bonus code if someone invited you to this casino or you found it on the Internet.

Also, the advantage of this casino is that for a person from any country there is a suitable currency, even though the main office is located in England, but regardless of whether you live there or in another country, whether you are in Canada or Australia, you will find your currency, make deposits in which will be most convenient for you.

Yes, the casino has a license to work in many countries of the world, including New Zealand, almost all European countries and many other countries where the gaming business is not prohibited by law.

After the registration process is completed – you can proceed to make your deposit, but first we will get acquainted with all the bonuses that you will receive when you first replenish your game account.

In addition, there is a special function in which you can test the game. By registering an account on karamba.com you will immediately receive an account for practice. This means that you can try out any slots you want and you won’t have to pay real money for it. One has only to consider that thanks to such an account you can play only 250 times. But, at the same time, if you make a minimum deposit of 10 euros, then another 250 spins will be credited to your virtual account. So you can use this function with pleasure.

The best bonuses

Many casinos offer their customers interesting bonus offers in order to stimulate their game and to make the game process not only interesting, but also profitable. Of course, Karamba Casino is no exception, so it offers various bonuses in the form of promo codes, free spins, welcome bonuses and more.

All this is necessary for advertising casinos, as well as to show people a friendly attitude towards them.

In addition, by registering an account in this casino you will receive your first deposit bonus more than once, as everywhere else, but for the whole three days! Amazing, right?

So, what does any newcomer who makes his first deposit to the game account get?

On the first day when you make your first deposit you will receive a 100% bonus, which will double it. This bonus works for up to 200 euros, which means when you first deposit up to 200 euros you will receive as much as 400, in addition, you also get 20 free spins. Yes, a generous offer, but this is far from all. On the second day, when you re-enter your personal account, you will receive an additional 40 free spins. On the third day, you will receive an additional 40 free spins and an bonus, which will be a surprise for you. So, for 1 deposit you will receive a bunch of gifts, including a 100% cash bonus, 80 spins for your favorite games and a surprise.

In order to activate this bonus you do not need to enter anything, just make your first deposit and get everything.

It is only worth considering that all free spins received thanks to this bonus must be used within 24 hours after they have been credited to your bonus account. In another case, they simply burn out and you can no longer use them.

In addition, all beginners can get a free bet of up to 10 euros. To do this, you need to deposit at least 10 euros into your account and place a bet, that’s all.

In addition, for regular users, there are also various bonuses. For example – competitions that are held for fans of some slots that participate in this promotion. This promotion is carried out during the week, each bet of 1 euro gives you one point in the standings. At the same time, 100 winners are selected every week! All you need is just to play your favorite game for real money, have fun and huge bonuses, as a person who takes first place will receive 2000 euros, and from 51 to 100 places they will receive 50 euros to their account.

So, Karamba Casino will welcome new customers with welcome gifts, and certainly will not cease to amaze its regular users with its generosity!

Casino magazine

Another interesting fact about this casino is that you can read the magazine without going beyond the official site: karamba.com.

In this magazine you can find a lot of not only useful, but also interesting information about entertainment, which can be found here. There is information such as:

  • Sports betting.
  • How to play slots.
  • How to play in a casino.
  • How to choose a slot that suits you.
  • How to play roulette and much more.

This is all done to entertain its users and explain the rules of the game and other aspects. So, if you are a beginner or just want to take a break from the game, then in this section you will find a lot of new and interesting. Moreover, it will be best before you start playing to read all the facts of interest to you about the games that you will play in order to choose the most interesting for yourself.

At the same time, sections of the magazine are often updated, interesting new information can be added about the events that are offered by the casino, new games and much more, so do not miss the chance to find out about everything first.

In addition to the magazine, in order to learn about new events, promotions and receive bonus codes to your account, you can connect notifications to your email address. In this case, you will not receive any spam, only important and interesting information that you need. You can activate email notifications when registering an account, and if you have not done so, you can do this in your account settings.


Of course, all that was said above should interest you in this casino. Perhaps some are ready to make their first deposit and plunge into the entertainment industry with their head. Maybe someone decided to just try their luck and make a couple of spins, but it doesn’t matter, because the minimum deposit amount at KarambaCasino is only 10 euros, so if you don’t want to deposit large amounts, you can start with 10 euros in order to see if you like it or not.

In addition, the casino offers numerous methods of replenishing the game balance, starting with the use of online platforms such as Skrill and ending with the replenishment of your account using Visa and MasterCard.

Not all countries offer all replenishment methods offered by the company, but most of them should be, depending on the laws of your country. So for sure, anyone will find a convenient way to replenish.

In order to make a deposit, you need to log into your game account, click on the “cashier” bud and then you will see the “Deposit” button, click on it you will go to a special secure page with 128 bit encryption and you can safely choose the convenient method of payment, payment amount and put money on your balance.

In addition, in your personal account you can see the history of your deposits and withdrawals. To do this, just go to the “Transaction History” tab.

Depending on the method that you used when transferring funds, the time that will be spent on the transfer varies. Basically, the money appears on your account immediately, but if you used a wire transfer, payment processing may take up to 5 business days from the date of registration of payment.

In addition, when using VISA or MasterCard, some banks impose restrictions. So, it is best to check this and find out all the necessary information by calling the bank, because the payment from your card can simply be declined and the money will be returned to your account.

In addition, sometimes it may take time for the money to reach your account. Even when the money was withdrawn from your bank account, but it is not displayed on your balance in the casino, this means that the payment is undergoing a security check. If no money appears on your gaming account within seven days, it will again be in your bank account.

But all these situations are very rare, in most cases the money will reach your account almost instantly.

A wide selection of activities is the key to casino success

In most cases, all that casino has to offer is to play slots. Maximum, you can also find the opportunity to play in live casinos with live croupiers, where everything is played in real time.

But KarambaCasino is different from these types of casinos. Here you will find so many diverse activities and entertainments that even the most game-indifferent person will find something to do for several hours.

Let’s start with the slots. Firstly, on the site of this casino there are a lot of them, you can’t play any slots in all the slots, perhaps for a year you can try absolutely all the offered slots. They are divided into several categories, such as:

  • Classic slots. A kind of slots that were made many years ago for real casinos. The only difference is a smooth picture, the best graphics and complete immersion in the game.
  • Featured Games. Games that most users have liked and gain the best ratings. Basically, these are the most popular games and new games.
  • Video Slots. A new kind of slots that appeared relatively recently with better graphics and design.

Since all games are developed according to the latest methods only by the best gaming providers, you do not need to install any applications in order to play slots. All slots will be available to you immediately after registration, only a flash player and browser are needed for the game, and good optimization will prevent the games from lagging, so that you will receive maximum pleasure and relaxation. In addition, the site is also accessible from a mobile phone and tablet, while you do not need to download any mobile applications, you can play from the site.

In addition to slots, you can play video versions of casino games, such as roulette, blackjack, bingo and many others.

For those who like to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a real casino, there is a live casino where a live dealer will do everything in real time, which is possible only thanks to the latest technologies. You will see everything that happens, but at the same time sit at your table and enjoy the game.

The last, but one of the most interesting offers from this casino is sports betting. It’s no secret that this industry is actively developing in 2021, as is the online casino industry. You can bet on your favorite team from almost any game. There are such games as handball, football, basketball, tennis and many others. So, the casino will definitely not let anyone with such a large selection of entertainment get bored.

Support team

On the casino website you can find a section with frequently asked questions. In this section you can find answers to 90% of all the questions that a gambler may have during the game. The section covers all structural divisions of the casino. There you will find answers to questions about bonuses, sports betting, slots, answers to technical questions and everything else. So, before contacting the support team, it is best to read this section to get all the necessary information without delay.

The support team of this casino is also at a high level. All questions that you have, you can no doubt ask the support representative. He will answer them, give the necessary advice and information about the casino. In order to contact a support representative, you do not need to invent anything. On the main page of the site, on the right side you can find a badge in the form of a wing of a parrot with a phone. By clicking on this icon you can open an online chat with a support representative, where he will answer all your questions, that’s all. This is the easiest method, with a minimum time delay and you do not need to write any emails or spend money on international calls.

How to receive the money?

First of all, everyone who wants to get their win on the card must provide the casino with the relevant documents. These documents may be your passport, driver’s license or ID card. This is only necessary to make sure that you are not a scammer, but a real person by specifying your address, name and date of birth.

In addition to these documents, you may still need a paid utility bill, which contains the address, name, time of receipt of the invoice.

In order to provide casino documents, there are two options. The first option is to send copies of all necessary documents by mail to address 135, High street, Sliema SLM 1549, Malta. Of course, this is not the easiest way, because delivery can take a lot of time, so there is another option.

The easiest and most convenient option in this situation is to send a scan of a copy of the required documents to an email. In this case, it takes a minimum amount of time to confirm the documents. You can even just photograph all the documents if the resolution of your camera allows you to do this in high quality.

After you have confirmed the documents, you can proceed to withdraw money from the game balance.

This is as easy as making a deposit. First of all, you go to the tab “Birds” in your personal account. After that, select the “Cash Out” option and go to a special protected page. There you fill out a short form, choose a payment method and the amount of funds you wish to withdraw. After that, the payment is registered and the withdrawal process begins. The time it takes to withdraw funds may vary depending on the withdrawal method.

In addition, you can cancel the withdrawal. But this can be done only in the first 48 hours after registration of the payment, later it will be impossible to do so.

Another nice bonus is that documents will be stored on a secure server in your file. This means that sending documents once, you don’t have to do this anymore.


It’s time to rate this casino. Most people will find such a huge selection of entertainment, bonuses that last for three days.

In addition, the casino has been operating for many years and with such vast experience is practically unrivaled.

Although KarambaCasino works all over the world, but still in some countries registration on this resource may not be available, which is a minus. A huge section with frequently asked questions, a special section for the casino magazine cannot but please customers, since there you can find a lot of not only useful, but also interesting information about casinos and games.

In general, the Karamba Casino is very popular and respected among the gamblers, which cannot be just words. So, it is definitely worth trying your luck in this honest, reliable and completely safe casino.

Author – Jameson Crouch