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Comparing to other platforms available on the market, this one is considered old. Casino LeoVegas came into the market in 2012. However, old does not mean boring and bad. This platform has been walking beside time. That means it has updated free games, casinos, design, and all other features. Moreover, old means trustworthy. There is a countless number of fans, who stay loyal to the good old Leo Vegas. Hopefully, you get your login as well.

This platform has remained the most popular in England from the moment it was launched. This is, of course, no surprise.

If you pay attention to its name, you will understand why it has kept the top position on the list throughout these years.

In Latin ‘Leo’ means ‘Lion’, which is why the logo is represented with a lion face. Vegas is the capital of gaming. Let’s add two plus two. Do you see it now? LeoVegas is the king for many players.

Stay tuned and pay your full attention. We will guide you through. You will find here everything you need to know to become a good player.

Sign up and let’s go!

Becoming a member

If you are looking for promo codes and bonus codes, including free games, then the first thing you need to do is register and get your login. How do we accomplish that? Super easy!

Before we move on to registration, the first thing to mention here is that if you have problems accessing leovegas.com, try using Opera VPN. Some countries do not support casino games and betting, so make sure yours is not on this list.

You find the button that reads ‘Open Account’. Do not forget to click. Once you do so, a pop-up will appear on your screen. Follow a simple three-step registration process and voila, you are a member with a login of this incredibly fun world with free games, slots, and jackpots.

When you sign up, make sure you fill in all the information correctly. You need to provide a real name, valid email and payment details. This is necessary if you want to have smooth withdrawals later, avoiding any type of issue.

The information required includes age, identity, address, email, phone number, place of residence, and payment information. During registration, you will need to choose your username and password. Make sure you do not share your login information with third parties. You do not want to risk losing your funds, right?

We are sure you will not stay away from the games for long; however, there is one thing to remember. 

If there is no access to your account for 12 months, it will be considered inactive. The support team will notify you thirty days before closing your account. The purpose of this procedure is to give you time to withdraw your funds. Once your account has been closed by LeoVegas, you will not be able to withdraw your money.

Mobile app

LeoVegas Casino does not have a mobile app. Sometimes platforms have apps available in certain countries. This is not the case here. There is no app in neither Canada, nor New Zealand, nor Australia. Nowhere. So be careful. You might see applications with similar names; however, those are not legitimate! You cannot download Casino LeoVegas app. Period. Do not get upset though.

The majority of online services start with a desktop version, and then they adjust it to phones. Promotions here started the opposite way. Are you surprised to hear that? Yes, this platform initially was designed for mobile use. 

You might wonder now what this entire thing means. Well, long story short, Leo Vegas is great online everywhere, your computer and your phone. It is safe to use on Android as well as on other software. Sign up now and see for yourself.


Once you register, you automatically become a member of the rewards system and VIP program. Whenever you play real money, you increase your VIP status as well as the chance to get special trophies. This is one of the features, that other platforms do not provide.

Welcome bonus

Bonus codes at LeoVegas do not include a free bonus after registration. However, they provide incredible compensation on your first three deposits. Let’s take a look.

Your first deposit bonus is 100% up to €250.

Your second deposit bonus is 100% up to €500.

Your third deposit bonus is 100% up to €750.

Can you see that the percentage remains the same and the amount of money is actually growing? This is rare. Usually, casinos decrease both with every coming deposit. Here we have all sections increased. Doesn’t it make it up to no free bonus?

Free spins

Leo Vegas has many different promotions. Among them are 50 free spins, cashbacks, deposit matches.

There are 20 free spins when you sing up, without deposit. This offer is available for new UK players only. Keep in mind that you have fourteen days to claim these. Before your winning will turn into real money, you need to wager them 35 times on slots. In total, you might receive up to 50 free spins. 

No deposit bonus

We could start with the word ‘unfortunately’, but we will not. Yes, it is true, leovegas.com does not offer no deposit bonus at the moment. Regardless, the other offers are great enough to make it up. The free spins that you receive come with no deposit. Sounds good.

To increase our excitement and the desire to play, let’s take a look at what else this platform has got to offer us.


Ok, now you can sign up and discover the island of joy.

The first thing you ought to pay attention to is that this platform has a search engine. Why is this important? Well, the variety of online games to play is rather massive; there is no end to the list. However, imagine that you have a specific free game on your mind, or a certain casino you want to visit, what do you do? The list you need to surf through is long, by the time you find your target; you might lose the desire to play. Not good. This is where the search engine comes to help. You simply type in the name of a game or a casino you need and voila.

There are 46 jackpots available for you to enjoy. Among them are the following:

DuckulaSuper SpinnerPaws of FuryTop CatLion FestivalMega PotsUltimate Super ReelsIrish Riches

Listen to this number, 1502 slots. Among them are these:

Wild MantraRise of OlymplisChilli PopBook of OzDa Vinci’s TreasureFruitbat CrazyDragon’s LuckVikings Go Berzerk

The list goes on with table games. Among them are the most popular:

Relax – BlackjackLeoVegas RouletteRelax – Roulette6 in 1 BlackjackDream Catcher20p RoulettePunto BancoRed Dog

In addition, the casino introduces new games such as:

LiverpoolEgyptian KingKingMakerRazor SharkNikola Tesla’s Incredible MachineRoyal GamesBingoMoney Train / Monkey

The list of all the games and details is available to you at www.leovegas.com. Remember that a bet which has been placed and confirmed cannot be canceled. If some of the games are new to you, we suggest studying them first. LeoVegas Casino offers a whole set of rules for all the games they have. That is another wonderful feature they possess. This makes them honest and reliable.

Among the games, you have poker, blackjack, roulette and many others. All the top games as well as the new ones. Everything is here. This review is bringing good news to the table.


Other than wonderful games, this platform also has sports betting. In total, there are 36 items available. Among them are the most popular of course: American football, baseball, boxing, horseracing, and football.

There are a few betting types offered here. Study these to have a better understanding.

Match. It is when you bet on the outcome of a whole match. The options usually are: HomeTeam/Player1; Draw; AwayTeam/Player2.

Correct Score. It is when you bet on the exact score of a game.

Over/Under. It is when you bet on the number of goals, points, corners, penalties, etc.

Head to Head. It is a competition between several participants or outcomes.

Half time/Full time. It is when you bet on the result in half time and the final outcome of a game. 

Period Betting. You can bet on the outcomes of separate periods within a game.

Handicap. You can bet on whether the chosen outcome will be victorious to the match or total score to which the bet refers. All handicaps listed on the site are always calculated based on the result from the start of the match or a period of time to the end of this match or time.

Double Chance. You can bet on two outcomes of a match at the same time.

Each Way. A bet where the chosen selection either wins or places within the payout terms. The bet divides into two parts of an equal stake.

Goal minutes. You can bet on the sum of the minutes when the goals have been scored. If goals are scored in injury time then they are considered to have been scored in the 45th minute or in the 90th.

In pre-match betting, you can combine up to twelve different offers on a single coupon. The same can be done in live betting. 

To help you get the best out of your experience, let’s learn a few combinations.

A ‘Trixie’ is a combination, which includes one treble and three doubles from a selection of three matches. A ‘Patent’ is a combination where there is one treble, three doubles and three singles from a selection of games. A ‘Yankee’ is a combination, which involves one fourfold, four trebles and six doubles from a selection of games. A ‘Canadian’ is a combination, which includes one fivefold, five fourfolds, ten trebles and ten doubles from a selection of five matches. A ‘Heinz’ is a combination, which includes one sixfold, six fivefolds, fifteen fourfolds, twenty trebles and fifteen doubles from a selection of six matches. A ‘Super Heinz’ is a combination, which includes one sevenfold, seven sixfolds, twenty-one fivefolds, thirty-five fourfolds, thirty-five trebles and twenty-one doubles from a selection of seven matches. A ‘Goliath’ is a combination, which includes one eightfold, eight sevenfolds, twenty-eight sixfolds, fifty-six fivefolds, seventy fourfolds, fifty-six trebles and twenty-eight doubles from a selection of eight matches. For display purposes, when necessary, the second digit after the decimal point of the odds is shown as rounded up in the Account Holder’s bet history to the nearest decimal number. The payout will, however, be effected based on the actual odds multiplied by the stake, disregarding the aforementioned rounding.

The platform also provides its players with a whole set of rules and explanations. Before getting into bonus codes or any other promo codes, make sure you familiarize yourself with these. All information will be in Eng. But, since you are reading this article with no issue at hand, we assume you speak English well enough.



Since this platform is honest and takes care of its users, they have such a thing as KYC. That means they can ask you for identification if you deposit and withdraw a certain amount of money.

What they can require:

  • Identification Card
  • A photo of your bank card, including 6 numbers in the middle
  • Screenshot of your bank account with account details
  • Confirmation of your address (utility bill)

However, the good news is that you do not need to prove or identify yourself to make your first deposit. There are such payment methods available here:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Neteller
  • Paysafe Card
  • Skrill

Sometimes it happens that a player withdraws one’s money, the website says all is ok, but there is no money coming. Do not worry! Different means take different lengths of time to process a deal. Keep in mind the following transaction time.

Electronic wallets (e.g. Skrill, Neteller) usually transfer money immediately; however, they might take up to a few hours.

Prepaid cards (e.g. Paysafecard) also normally transfer money right away; however, they might take a few hours.

Bank transfers take from 2 to 5 working days. Pay attention to the key part ‘Working days’. That means if you withdraw, let’s say, your money on Wednesday, then the fifth day would be Tuesday of the next week (since Saturday and Sunday, obviously, are not considered as working days.)

Credit cards transfer money right away as well; however, at times it might take up to 24 hours.

There is no fee. Accepted currencies are EUR, GBP, SEK, AUD, NZD, CAD, CHF, CZK, NOK, DKK.


Money at play cannot be cashed out. Before withdrawing your money and bonuses, you need to wager them 35 times. Methods are the ones that we have for deposits. You can scroll up a little and see the list. 

To make sure the right people receive the winnings, the casino must collect evidence of players’ identity, proof of address, and ownership of payment method. This information can affect the withdrawal process. Which is why it is very important that you provide real information about yourself. Once your withdrawal has been approved, you can expect your funds within these timeframes:

Visa and MasterCard – from 1 to 3 working days;

Bank transfers – from 1 to 3 working days;

Electronic wallets – usually the same day.

Please remember to pay attention to the ‘working days’, which in most countries do not include Saturday and Sunday. That means if you withdraw, let’s say, your money on Wednesday, then the fifth day would be Tuesday of the next week.

You can withdraw any amount available; you can find this information in your account on the website. Before doing so, you need to cancel any current running bets.


The platform has wonderful customer support with people who are very professional and friendly. You can contact them via email, telephone or live chat. 

Email:[email protected]
Call Uk number:0808 189 0184

Normally they reply really quickly, however, response to your email might take up to ten days. 


Why is my account blocked?

When it comes down to difficult questions, the answer is usually very simple. It is possible you entered the wrong password. Or maybe it is the right password, but you pressed the wrong button when making it. Just go with the option “Reset my password”, enter your email and follow further instructions.

How long do I have to wait?

The good news is not long. Normally the requests are processed quickly. On average, it takes minutes to receive verification. However, it can take a while under different circumstances. The longest, though, you might have to wait would not be longer than 24hs.

Are the games fair?

Of course. They are designed to use random generators for each and every game. Third parties that guarantee that everything is fair and honest also monitor the casino.

Can I have more than one account?

You should not create multiple accounts. First of all, this against the rules of the site. Secondly, this will be seen as suspicious activity, and all your accounts will be blocked as well as your funds. Plus, having multiple accounts does not increase your chances of winning.

My deposit is declined.

A few things need to be checked here. First of all, make sure your country is not on the list of those, that are prohibited to play. If you use a bank card, make sure you have no restrictions. This can be done through your settings in the app where you control your card. You can also contact your bank manager for clarification. If everything is ok and it is still declined, make sure you have provided correct information (you could simply press a wrong key.)

Where is my money?

Sometimes players withdraw their money, everything seems to be fine, but there is no money coming in. Relax; there is nothing to worry about. Different withdrawal methods require a different amount of time to process the transactions. Electronic wallets might take up to a few hours; bankcards from 1 up to 5 days (same goes for bank transactions). If the platform has sent you a notification, that your bonus has been successfully sent to your wallet or card, but it hasn’t yet arrived, contact their support. That means contacting your bank manager or the support team of the electronic wallet you chose to use. They are likely to announce that the payment is in the system, it just has not been processed. Be patient here. You have won, now it is only a matter of time.

What is KYC?

This means ‘Know your customer’. It refers to the process of verification and requires identity, address and age checks.

What are KYC processes?

If deposits and withdrawals reach a certain amount, the platform will require one of the documents for verification. For identity: passport; driving license; National Identification Card. For address: utility bill; a copy of Bank Statement. 

What is KYCQ?

It is a simple questionnaire to collect information about a player’s income. Once this procedure is done, there might be a need for additional documents.

What if I have several sources?

If you have several income sources, you will see a list of additional documents after you fill in the questionnaire. 

Why do I need to do this?

If you deposit or withdraw a certain amount of money, it will trigger the KYC process. These checks help responsible operators manage EU regulatory obligations, and keep you, their player, safe.

Can I try games before making a deposit?

Absolutely yes! Before you get into your account, you can test out any game to see if you like it or not, and how it works.

What are the best games to win at?

There is no such game. If there were one specific game where you could win or lose a lot, that would be considered cheating. This platform is honest. All the games are designed to use random generators for each and every game. However, people find some games more interesting than others. You can find the list of top games on the website.

When can I withdraw?

You can find information on how much you can withdraw in your personal account. Remember, however, that your winnings need to be wagered before they turn into real money.

That was a lot of information to process. Take your time and look through the key moments again. Consider how you will register, what information you will provide. Write all the data that you provide the site with on a piece of paper. This will help to avoid further issues like a wrong password or payment details.

That is it for the review. Good luck!

Author – Jameson Crouch